Mental illnesses or disorders should not be taken lightly. In recent years, there has been more attention drawn to it in an effort to help those who are suffering. Many people are still not familiar with what falls under mental disorders. Some of the types of mental illnesses are mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, but also eating and substance use disorders. Patients with any type of mental disorder should seek help from mental health professionals like social workers, psychologists or psychiatrist. A patient can get treatment at any local mental health clinic that is usually free for those with health insurance, but also there many private clinics offering help.

Mental health clinics can be part of the general hospitals with their own part of a building, while some can be on their own as a psychiatric hospital or community mental health service provider. The process of recovery from mental health disorder includes improvement of mental health, dealing with illness and change of some part of the lifestyle that might have caused the disorder in the first place, but for all of this it is first and the most important task is to ask for help. Recovery can be slow, hard and challenging, but with right goals and support, it can be reached.  The community can also be a big help in dealing with mental illnesses, as well as key factor to someone’s improvement.

What the mental health clinic or service providers should provide

Every mental health clinic on the Gold Coast first and foremost should provide support for patients with mental illnesses or disorders. Besides support, it is required from them to provide treatment and rehabilitation that is right for the patients’ needs and their illnesses. What is included in services provide is a prescription of right medication, regular appointments with psychologists, psychiatrist or if needed specific therapist, as well as treatment and support during rehabilitation from substance abuses. Depending on the type of disorders, sometimes it is required for the patient to be observed on a regular basis which requires from clinic to have beds for hospital stays. Another role of mental health clinic should be educating people with “good” mental health how to preserve it, as it is important to be informed. Educating people can change the view people have about mental health and its treatment, but the community is definitely getting better at acknowledging and accepting than it has been in years behind us.

Where to find mental health clinics in the Gold Coast and which ones are there

In the Gold Coast, there are numerous public mental health clinics and services, as well as Alcohol and Other Drugs services. What all of them provide to their patients is treatment, support, and assessment. Treatment and services are based on the needs of the patient and the type of mental disorder they have. There are clinics that offer acute care, continuing care, perinatal mental health services, as well as those specialised for children, youth or older persons. A lot of these clinics are near each other such as those around Southport QLD, Ashmore QLD or Miami QLD. All of the clinics have updated websites, and it is easy to find all information needed. Getting help is just free clicks and one call away, but can mean a lot.