A dentist is a health professional who specialises in the problems associated with teeth, gum, and other parts of the mouth. They have to provide the necessary advice and instructions on how to take good care of oral health.

Where do you find a dentist?

Some dentists own their private businesses where they attend to dental patients with the assistance of a small staff like the receptionist and the nurse. You will find other dentists employed in a hospital and others in private clinics.

How to become a dentist

Dentists need to acquire a license from the relevant state agency before serving the public on matters dental. Before receiving a license, you must have graduated from an accredited institution offering dental programs and must have passed written and clinical examinations. After getting an operation license, you can start offering dental services to the public. The demand for dental services has increased in recent years and has been projected to increase further in the coming years. Most of the dental problems have been attributed to the aging population and the type of food intake, which is likely to form a good environment for tooth decay. A study has linked oral health to the overall health of an individual.

Dental procedures

When you visit a dentist, expect him/her to use certain instruments to perform tests or use radiographs to diagnose dental diseases and pathogens. The general focus of a dentist is the oral cavity, although he could extend to the neck and the head. The cosmetic dentist will have to work closely with you to identify the best aesthetic goals you desire. Some of the dental procedures include the following;

Dental filling

Dental fillings are used to fill the damaged areas of a tooth, which may have been caused by tooth decay, wear and tear or trauma. The problematic tooth is removed and restored by filling with gold, amalgam, white filling material called composite resin or porcelain. You will need to discuss with your dentist what kind of material best fits your teeth because they all have advantages and disadvantages.


Bonding is the process of filling the damaged parts of the tooth with a composite resin material using glue to restore the structure of a tooth. A cracked tooth is normally repaired by bonding. An enamel-like composite is applied to the surface and sculpted to take the shape the tooth and to hide the crack completely.


This is the process of aligning misaligned teeth to line up and straighten. The process can be cosmetic and functional as well.

Root canals

This is the process of removing the infected pulp tissue within the root chamber of the tooth. The hollow tooth can be filled up with antibacterial material.


This is the process of replacing damaged teeth that cannot be repaired. General dentists, prosthodontists, cosmetic dentists, and family dentists may perform this procedure. But it depends on the availability of the latest technology.

Dental bridges

This is the process of replacing the missing teeth with an artificial replacement

Oral and maxillofacial procedure

These are procedures that range from the less invasive treatment of the mouth disorders to the face and face to the teeth structures.

Periodontal treatment

This involves early gum diseases which include tooth scaling and tooth cleaning

Laser procedures

This involves the use of more invasive dental equipment to perform dental procedures.

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