The lesson on a balanced diet and proper nutrition have been imparted and enriched to us by our primary and intermediate teachers during our tender years in elementary. From here, we learned that eating fruits, including green, yellow and leafy vegetables will definitely make us healthy and strong. As we reach onto our adolescent period, the value of exercise and the importance of proper hygiene have been given focus by our physical education instructors. Depending on how much we have learned since then, both the idea of getting fat and turning skinny are still problems that haunt us even today. We all wanna be fit and healthy but we all struggle with motivation and time management. If you know how to be motivated to do fitness online you are ahead of the competition and ready for your body transformation. 

As we grow into adults, the demands enumerated a long time ago come back to us in an instant, and we realized how much did we miss while looking closely on our bulging stomachs stored with fats or those chests that appear to resemble the strings of a guitar. The only thing we do is heave a long sigh, and accompanied with regrets, we wish silently that we could just turn back time.

Before you shed your tears, remember that while we are still alive, there’s always hope in changing for the better. Changing our eating habits and considering what’s bad for our lifestyle transforms us into a healthy individual, who will get more out of life by not worrying but on starting to live a healthy life. Allow this article to help you achieve your ideal 6-week transformation.

Cardio against weights

Following a cardio exercise doesn’t only mean planning on your desired form or built. It’s one of the recommended ways to eliminate fats. However, being engrossed in such an ambitious plan might allow you to decide to overload yourself with weights as much as you want to shape your body. Remember that this two compliment each other and you should not miss pairing them the next time you’re planning for a workout.

Hiring a strength coach

Two heads are already proven better than having only one. You might have an excellent workout program in mind that you want to try, but sometimes you just don’t know if it’s right or if ever you are doing the right thing. Allowing someone to assist you with what you’ll carry and knowing how much load does your present weight could handle makes your transformation safer and better.

Getting a better sleep

A sleep of eight to ten hours allows your body to recover from stress or fatigue due to your present job or the strenuous activities that you have been doing regularly while you’re awake. It also stores the needed stamina or energy in facing a new, yet challenging day ahead of you.

Obtaining the right nutrition

As mentioned in the introduction, it pays to listen to your teachers who acted as health coaches when you were still young. More fruits and vegetables discourage harmful toxins in the body by providing the right amount of fiber in order to release impurities in what you eat or drink regularly.

Considering other food as fuel for life

Rice and bread are perfect examples of carbohydrates which keep your energy burning all throughout the day. Legumes and beans also provide the right amount of protein for healthy hair and skin.

Miscellaneous advice
  • Eliminate fats in the body
  • The right amount of food should be eaten right after school or an exercise
  • Manage, if not abstain from taking-in food cravings
  • Hire a private or personal trainer
  • Keep away from vices like smoking and excessive drinking